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It’s time for our first summer social!  We will be gathering on Sunday, July 7th near Buckhorn, at the home of the Staveleys and the Ingrams, for an afternoon and evening of sunshine, swimming, music and trail walks, with a potluck supper.  Please feel free to join us between 2pm and 10pm, at 50 Fire Route 11, Buckhorn, K0L1J0.  For more details, send email to info@kawarthacommons.ca .



We held a Public Presentation on cohousing and the Kawartha Commons project on Wednesday March 6th from 7-9pm at the Peterborough Lions Club Community Centre, 347 Burnham St, Peterborough, ON.  

Here are the details:

All about Cohousing

Perspectives on an emerging community.

Cohousing is a mutually supportive yet independent-living custom-built neighbourhood where people design, build and manage housing for themselves in a village-like setting. It is the perfect balance of privacy and community.  Social connection is nurtured and community cohesion strengthened.

Many people in Peterborough would love to live more lightly on the earth within a diverse, vibrant caring community, especially if this provides the opportunity to age in place. Cohousing does all this.

It is similar to condominium living with small, independent living “apartments”, but is based on the idea of an “intentional community” with substantial shared resources including a “common house” including a kitchen and dining room for regular shared meals. The nucleus of this community forms before the development is even designed, in order to determine the common objectives for living in an active community.

At the event there were three brief presentations, each a different perspective on cohousing, followed by a  Q&A.  A reception followed.

  • Aukje presented an overview of cohousing with an emphasis on the physical structures using examples from Canada and the US
  • Kris shared her extensive research and experience visiting communities and learning about cohousing.
  • Al talked about what Kawartha Commons has achieved so far, and discuss the financial realities.


Welcome to the website for Kawartha Commons, the Peterborough Cohousing group!  Although the concept of cohousing has been discussed by many of us for a number of years, the group as currently configured began meeting on December 27th 2017 (with a party, naturally – we are all about social interaction, after all).  This was followed by a workshop in early February, and meetings began in earnest in late February. We currently have business meetings once a month, and also hold “Discovery Circle” learning sessions once a month. Together, we are learning about how cohousing works and what is involved in creating a community.

Here’s the mission statement for our group:

“Kawartha Commons is a self-organizing group committed to design, build and manage, by 2023, a 10 to 30 unit sustainable, accessible cohousing community within easy reach of central Peterborough, yet close to nature.  Our intention is to move forward with open and honest communication, making all efforts to understand and resolve differences, and is motivated by our wish to create an inclusive, diverse and caring community open to a range of financial situations, which supports us in choosing our own destiny.”

You can find more information about our group and what we do by using the menu items at the top of this page. You can see a brief description of what cohousing is, as well as a page with information about some of the visits that members of Kawartha Commons have made to more than a dozen different cohousing communities across North America, and you can see a breakdown of some of the events we have had and new ones that are upcoming.

You can also read some helpful documents and websites we’ve found about cohousing and how different communities are approaching it on our Resources page. And if you want to see some of the progress we’ve been making, you can read a summary of the minutes from some of our most recent meetings. We also recently produced a colour brochure that gives an overview of the cohousing movement and the goals and aspirations of our group, which you can see here.

One of the things we’ve been investigating as part of our cohousing journey is a new form of governance that seems to work well for such groups, known as Sociocracy. It focuses on consent-based decision-making instead of consensus-based (which is difficult for large groups) and also puts a major emphasis on listening and non-violent communication. There’s more info here: What Is Sociocracy.

News: We are now incorporated, and have hired Katie McCamant of CoHousing Solutions as our development consultant.

We sent a representative to the 2019 National Cohousing Conference in Portland Oregon from May 30th – June 2nd.  Stay tuned for her report.

Six of our members attended the Northeast Cohousing Summit in Amherst Massachusetts from September 21-23, 2018.  They returned with lots of new ideas gathered from the conference sessions and cohousing community tours, and especially from the full and half day intensive workshops.  They shared these insights at our first learning session, held on Sunday October 14th, 2018, at Activity Haven in Peterborough. You can find out more about that session, including detailed reports on each of the workshops that they attended, on this page.


An article about our group was published in Electric City magazine on June 5th, 2018 entitled “Kawartha Cohousing Wants to Build Peterborough’s First Cohousing Community.” Here’s an excerpt:

“Organizing around the name Kawartha Cohousing, the group is hoping to design and build a living facility that will be owned and managed cooperatively, though it will include private rooms in order to balance residents’ needs for privacy as well as community. If the group is successful, it will be the first housing development of its kind in the city, and one of only a handful in Ontario.

The team has formed working groups to explore issues like bylaws, finances, development regulations, and the like. They intend to make decisions cooperatively as they develop their plans, and they’re excited to be envisioning and designing their building from scratch. “Most successful cohousing is community first, and then building second,” Al Slavin says.”


Here’s a calendar of our upcoming events: