Kris and the NE Cohousing Summit

Kris attended a number of sessions, including one intensive workshop on relationship building on Friday and another on resolving conflict, and then some other sessions on Saturday. Here’s a short introductory overview of each session with a link to a more detailed version.

Friday intensive: Five simple tools for relationship building

— The first intensive was titled “5 Simple Tools for Relationship by Karen Gimnig. Karen made the key point that considering issues emotionally tends to be the fast reaction, and that the areas of the brain that are more rational take longer to engage. By slowing down the interaction, you are more likely to engage the more logical part of your brain – the cortex, rather than the midbrain.So these tools are all about trying to slow things down, and also trying to see things, at least a little, from the other person’s point of view. (More)

Friday intensive: “Got Conflict?” with Liz Magill

— The second intensive was a wealth of information about the role of Community Support Teams in cohousing communities. The idea is that if there is conflict between two members of the community (or sometimes between a community member and a neighbour), the support team members are there to help the members figure out how to proceed. In the model used at Liz’s community, the role of the support team is NOT to act as a mediator and get in the middle of the conflict. It is to offer information, advice, sympathy, and tools to the person who comes for help. (More)

Saturday workshops:

— The Saturday workshops included

    • Valuing Diversity – Alan O’Hashi
    • Chuck Durrett – If it Doesn’t Work Socially, Why Bother?
    • Lyons Witten – Getting the Work Done
    • Affordable Housing – Rocky Corner