Presentations at the Mount – June 19th, 2018

We had an open house about cohousing at The Mount in Peterborough on Tuesday June 19, 2018 where a few members of our group gave presentations about different aspects of cohousing. You can find those presentations embedded below, and you can see some photos of the event on this page.

1) Scott Donovan provided an overview of cohousing for those who weren’t familiar with the term, and talked about some of the core concepts, including the common house and shared tasks.

Scott Donovan June 19 2018 The Mount


2) Kris Robinson Staveley talked about some of the 11 different cohousing communities she has visited across North America and what she learned about what works and what doesn’t (you can also find an expanded version of her notes under Cohousing Visits).

Kris-Mount-Presentation (2)


3) Al Slavin talked about the personal motivation that got his wife Linda and him thinking about cohousing, including the fact that they are getting older and taking care of their rural property is becoming harder to do.

Al Slavin Mount Presentation Jun 19, 2018