In April 2018, we conducted an online survey, and 36 members responded.  There was a fair bit of agreement on many fronts. For 86% of respondents, a timeline of 3-5 years for moving in to a cohousing project was either preferable or acceptable.  94% of the people felt that a location within walking distance of downtown Peterborough was preferable or acceptable, and 97% thought that a community size of 10-20 households was good.  For all three of these questions, there was also a fair bit of willingness to consider other options, but these were the clear favourites.

On the financial front, 68% said that it would be easier to pay for a cohousing project by financing it via a mortgage or other loan, while 23% preferred to put money down up front, and 9% said they wouldn’t be able to help with the financing.  The upper limit of total investment varied rather widely, with 36% choosing under $200,000, 22% at $200,000 – $300,000, 25% at $300,000 – $400,000, 6% over $400,000, and 11% saying that they would need a rental unit.


When asked how important it was to be close to various facilities, 81% reported that proximity to stores was very important or important.  This was clearly the top choice. Other options that were chosen by just over half of the people as very important or important were hiking or bicycle trails, medical clinic or hospital, lake or river, and public transit.  A number of other options were viewed as things that would be nice, but weren’t important to the majority. We mistakenly failed to include schools or playgrounds in the list, and will address this question in a future survey.


All respondents agreed that they were committed to prioritizing shared space in our cohousing community.

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