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Kawartha Commons Cohousing is creating a sustainable community in Peterborough, Ontario. We plan to build our unique neighbourhood by 2023, where 20 to 30 families will live in private homes clustered around a shared space that encourages spontaneity, connection,
and mutual support. 


Our community believes in living lightly on this Earth while embracing an active urban life. We all look out for each other in our diverse community, but we don't compromise our privacy.

Kawartha Commons is all about sharing, connection, and fun. If that sounds like you, why not join us?

Community Starts With You

The beauty of cohousing is that you have a private life and a community life – but only as much of each as you want. 

                    Danish cohousing community member

We envision a diverse community of people of all types, coming together to live in a simpler, healthier, and more sustainable environment. The design and layout of our individually owned homes will use sustainable development practices, and our extensive common spaces will facilitate the sharing of meals, resources, and social connections. 

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